Gat Andrés Bonifacio University

The Gat Andrés Bonifacio University (also known as Pamantasang Gat Andres Bonifacio in Filipino and abbreviated as GABU) is a public university in the Manila, Philippines. It is one of the two city-funded universities of the City of Manila.

The main campus of GABU, which houses the Administration Building of the Division of City Schools-Manila, is located at the heart of the Mehan Garden adjacent to the Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila City Library and the Light Rail Transit Central Terminal. Apart from its main campus, GABU maintains several satellite centers in many parts of the City of Manila such as Escolta, Recto, Del Pan, San Andres, Dapitan and Tayuman.

GABU is a public institution, receiving its funding from the City of Manila.

The vision-mission of GABU can be summarized as follows:

Gat Andrés Bonifacio University is a service-oriented higher educational institution committed to provide quality education responsive to the needs of the indigent but deserving youths of Manila in order to develop, empower and mold them into productive & globally competitive professionals and responsible citizens dedicated to the service of God, Country, City, & Humanity.